Marcelo Meneses

I want to create beautiful and engaging motion graphics that tell stories.

I am an aspiring motion designer and overall artist from Puerto Rico. Never really having an arts program in high school, I taught myself how to use adobe programs and fell in love with the world of motion graphics. I am currently a senior at the Savannah College of Art and Design, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Motion Media Design.

I was an intern at a video production company called Epipheo doing motion graphics. I learned new skills, refined old ones, developed connections, built friendships, gained industry experience, but most importantly, became a better person. It reminded me that being a good person is just as important as being a good artist.

Motion graphics is a very effective way of getting a message across, whether it is a serious message or a fun one. When creating a piece, the process is always as fun as the end result, and the project can be very self-rewarding. I've always been drawn to pieces that are very simple in nature with an effective method of delivering their messages, and I hope I can someday replicate that in my own work as I progress. 

San Juan, PR


Rookie of The Year / Finalist in 3D Motion Graphics

The Rookies Draft Selection / 3D Motion Graphics

SCAD CoMotion Award ‘19 / Winner in Brand/Network ID

SCAD CoMotion Award ‘19 / Winner in 3D Motion

SCAD CoMotion Award ‘19 / Winner in Logo Animation

SCAD CoMotion Award ‘19 / Winner in Infographic Design

The Young Ones ADC Award '19 / Merit Award in Typography: Motion

The Young Ones ADC Award '19 / Gold Award in Motion / Film Craft: Title Sequences

A’ Design Award & Competition Bronze '19 - Graphic Design

Selected for the Port City Review '19, SCAD's Annual Arts Journal

MODE Festival '19, Runner up in Title Sequence

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