CoMotion X


This year’s branding is all about taking the audience through MOMELOVE’s inspiring past, present, and soon-to-be future. Naturally, the title sequence was the main driver of that narrative. Throughout the title sequence there are four main phases that tell MOMELOVE’s story. The Intro, The Past, The Present, and The Future.

The Intro is the time before MOME, barren and underdeveloped. The Past showcases previous years with iconography designed to pay homage to previous designs within our department. The Present features four common techniques and trends that students at SCAD adhere to; 3D Design, Compositing (layers), Animation, Stop Motion. And lastly, The Future is a void and ready to be explored space; The Future represents our unlimited potential as a group of young designers.

My role during this title sequence was 3D Design Lead. I was tasked with conceptualizing, modeling, animating, and leading an amazing 3D team of designers and animators. Working with such a big team taught me many skills, but most importantly it taught me how to be a team-player and how to be a good lead.

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The Team

Creative Director: Daniel Whitaker

Producer: Desmond Du

Co-producer: Hunter Scully

Art Director: Jayson Hahn

Lead 3D Designer: Marcelo Meneses

Lead 2D Designer: Sam Button

Compositing & Editing: Desmond Du

Lead Graphic Designer: Madison Kelly

Experiential: Hunter Scully & Madison Kelly

Sound Designers

Ashton Faydenko

Chris Hopkins

Ryan "Sully" Sullivan


Sierra Long